Recognize the Truth of Who You Are

Gabriela is an energy healer, author and a vessel for highly evolved beings from other dimensional realms to connect with people on Earth. She is able to speak, sign and translate many of the multi-dimensional Light languages.

Gabriela’s passion is to assist others on their journey of remembrance and return to love. She uses higher dimensional frequencies of sacred sounds and Light language in group and individual healing sessions to bring about healing, alignment, activation and transformation.

“When Gabriela speaks or signs Light language she is connecting the divine part of the person with that person. She is the bridge between the person and the Higher Self. When people connect to the inner, non-physical aspect of themselves, they get closer to awakening from the dream of separation, the dream of survival, the dream of fear and the dream of loneliness.”

– Light Being 2016

For seven years Gabriela conversed with evolved beings of Light who transmitted light and information, answered questions and provided guidance. During that time Gabriela received training in the art of being and direction in remembering who she is. The conversations are published in three Soul Wisdom books: Remember Who You Are, Transmission of Light and Point of Connection.

Soul Wisdom Collection

Group Healing Sessions