Connect to the Light – Group Healing Session

Gabriela conducts group healing sessions using the energy of Sacred sounds and Light language. She channels and transmits the higher dimensional vibrations through her voice, hands and eyes.

Light Language is understood by each and every one of us on a sub-conscious level as it is the language of the Soul and of Spirit. It allows instant connection with the Divine and can activate soul memory and past life abilities, clear blocked energy and karmic energy distortion, restructure energy circuits and open the heart to love.

“During a group session Gabriela creates a symphony of sounds and the sounds are arranged in a particular sequence to facilitate the healing process. The sounds are coded, therefore, transformational. They are activating and connecting people to higher realms of existence.”

– Light Beings 2015

When Gabriela speaks the language of Light and channels Sacred Sounds, it generates a powerful environment to elevate the level of consciousness for the people who are exposed to it. A wave of consciousness is created and people receiving the Light language are being reunited with their Inner being and gain a sense of reconnection to who they truly are.

The Light languages that Gabriela speaks are spontaneously transmitted from multi-dimensional guides and Ascended Masters. The group experience allows each person to receive uniquely what they need at the given time to be individually attuned and harmonized. Sound and energy flow through Gabriela and as the group tunes into the higher vibrations, people can experience deep peace, healing, alignment, activation, realization and transformation.

“Each time people are attending a session, they are getting one step closer to the Light of their own being, one step closer to coming home and being all they can be, one step closer to rediscovering their divine nature and living in peace, joy and fulfilment.”

– Light Being 2018

Upcoming Sessions

Gabriela offers 1 hour group healing sessions on Zoom.

Each session is guided and includes Soul Wisdom teaching, energetic attunement and Light language activation.

Please note that this is a live event and timing is strict. Late admission is not possible. Thank you.

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Thank you Gabriela for the love and light that you have brought into my life. The shift and benefits that I have gained from the sessions are profound. I have grown mentally, physically and spiritually. You are truly a blessing.

The group healing sessions provide an intense healing, which I always find to be ultimately restorative. By the end of the session any unease is replaced with ease and a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. I am always glad that I made the effort to come.

Every time I’ve been to Gabriela’s healing sessions I don’t want to leave but stay in this beautiful energy field she creates. I experience love, peacefulness and expansion and I feel that I am healing. I leave the sessions with more clarity about who I am and feel happier and lighter.

There is an ancient shamanic quality to the healing circle. Timeless secrets were whispered in my ear. My mind could not understand the words, but they went straight to my soul, bringing deep healing and nourishment. I felt peaceful and elated the whole evening.

I feel blessed for having met you and being introduced to your amazing gift! I have never experienced anything like it before - the deepest calm and relaxation, peace and harmony. It’s like rediscovering ME again, an incredible experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It is a magical feeling to experience the healing sounds of the Light language. Gabriela is a genuine channel of higher energies of light that heal, restore and rejuvenate. It is a beautiful experience.