Gabriela Garbacz is an energy healer, therapist, author and translator of light languages.

For over thirty years Gabriela has been guided by spirit to explore the mind/body/spirit connection. She studied with different teachers, healers and monks of various traditions, gained numerous qualifications and trained in different natural healing modalities. Gabriela shared her knowledge and experience teaching the Silva Method seminars around Australia and working in a Melbourne clinic as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and an energy healer.

“When Gabriela speaks the Light language she brings Light to the planet. Let the Light fill you, sustain and lift you. Let it restore harmony and peace, balance and truth, let it open you that you may recognize the truth of who you are.”

– Light Beings 2014

While Gabriela was conducting seminars and assisting clients, her personal journey took her deep within her own heart. She spent many years exploring the inner world and perfecting the art of forgiveness. The process of purification and transformation was taking place and her connection with the Divine strengthened.

Over the years Gabriela participated in many spiritual gatherings around the world collecting fragments of her soul. Visiting New Zealand, Japan, Tahiti, Israel, Costa Rica, India, Brazil, Iceland, Cuba, Egypt and Colombia, helped her to integrate aspects of her soul and remember her soul’s abilities.

Following an intense inner transformation in 2010 and a series of initiations and activations, Gabriela received the sacred gift of healing through sound and is able to speak, sign and translate many of the multi-dimensional Light languages. She uses the sacred sounds and Light language in group and individual healing sessions.

In 2012 Gabriela began to communicate with Star Beings from Arcturus and Aldebaran, Ascended Masters and other highly evolved beings of Light. The beings transmitted Light and information, answered questions and guided Gabriela to remember who she is, where she is from and what her role is. The channeled conversations have been recorded over a period of seven years and resulted in three Soul Wisdom books: Remember Who You Are, Transmission of Light and Point of Connection.